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What is Smash Drums?

Smash Drums is an epic VR drumming game featuring awesome rock music & destruction.

Rock & roll is not dead: it's never been more alive!


Developer: PotamWorks SAS (@MrPotam)

Release date: June 17th, 2021 (Quest) // July 8th, 2021 (Pico Neo)

Platforms: Oculus Quest & Pico Neo (later: PC)


Availability: Digital download

Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Regular Price: USD 19.99

Press contact:

Social: Twitter, Youtube, Discord


Get ready to ROCK and DRUM HARD in this unique VR rhythm game!


Embark on an epic drumming journey that will have you destroying multiple environments through chaos and flames!

Be prepared to smash drums to 21 awesome indie rock songs at launch, with more content coming after release!


It's hot. It's new.

And it's gonna rock your house! 


Smash Drums is more than just another VR rhythm game in another setup: it is a new genre you have to experience, and the game's mission is to make you feel the thrill and excitement of a groundbreaking rock show.

In times where electronic music has taken over the VR scene, there's no stressing this enough:

Rock & roll is not dead: it's never been more alive!


  • Smash drums to 21 blasting indie rock songs

  • Experience the unique intensity-based gameplay: gently tap the crystal drums and SMASH the hell out of burning drums! Or let go of your inner rage and smash them all with the Barbarian modifier

  • Resonate with handmade drumming tracks with 4 difficulty levels and lots of game modifiers

  • Hit the drums with whichever hand you prefer, but mind the timing: drum along with the beat of the music, or you won't score much...

  • Destroy multiple environments crafted with love

  • Enjoy free post-launch DLCs with additional songs and environments

  • Compete with others worldwide to climb the leaderboards, but there's a catch: with the Live Ranking system, enjoying seeing your rise in real-time, as you drum!

  • Unlock drums skins to customize your game


Screenshots (Dropbox)

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More screenshots available >>>HERE<<<


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Smash drums V7 (alpha).png

Thumbnail Art

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Smash drums V7 - Layer LOGO (no sticks).
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  • IWOCon 2020 Official selection (link)

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  • App Lab launch: February 2nd, 2021, Smash Drums demo has been one of the twelve launch titles (link)

About PotamWorks

PotamWorks SAS is a french video game studio dedicated to VR, created by MrPotam in 2020.

Smash Drums is the studio's first game, but surely not the last one!